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Planning Services

Every Project we work on begins with our planning services to include due diligence research, site schematics and agency review.
The firm’s planners provide many services vital to the development of a project. 

Site planning generally begins by assessing a potential site for development through site analysis. Information about slope, soils, hydrology, vegetation, parcel ownership, orientation, etc. are assessed and mapped. By determining areas that are poor for development (such as floodplain or steep slopes) and better for development, the engineer can assess optimal location and design a structure that works within this space. Within site analysis you also need to take into consideration the structure of zoning throughout a city or county. These are regulations that have been structured to separate the land of what can be used as residential, commercial and industrial. 

When creating a development project plan planners take into consideration and look at other buildings site plans to see what characteristics it has that helped get their building or renovation approved. Planners must look at different aspects that may affect the citizens around them because they are the ones living next to this. Engineers and planners must take into consideration height of a building, walking space, parking for cars/bikes and does it stand out from the cities other building types, design wise. These are all things that have to be considered because citizens are not going to want buildings blocking certain views/sunlight, customers/new residents taking up parking current residents parking and having a building style that looks out of place and like it doesn't belong because city planners wanted a new/modern style building.

Within the site plan there also is details about where everything currently is, not only buildings but water, sewer and power lines These are necessities that need to be kept safe and taken into consideration when developing a new development project. Within creating new development plans there are regulations that all buildings have to follow that are created by the city or county. - Wikipedia

Services in addition to physical subdivision and site planning include such services as: 
Obtaining entitlements 
  1. Land use changes, re-zoning, and special exceptions, deviations from municipal codes
  2. Develop Planned Development Project zoning applications for residential, commercial and industrial projects
  3. Comprehensive Plan Amendments
Platting Assistance
  1. Subdivision design and infrastructure planning
  2. Platting, re-platting 
  3. Plat vacations
Studies and Research
  1. Due diligence research and reports
  2. Feasibility Studies
  3. Development of Regional Impact Statements (DRI) for major projects,  
  4. Assist the Municipalities with Ordinance and Code development and modifications
Exhibit Preparation
  1. Exhibits for client and government/agency meetings
  2. Representation and participation in public hearings for local and state government agencies, councils, commissions and hearing examiners.
  3. Public involvement meeting including neighborhood outreach meetings

Our planning staff has prepared Development of Regional Impact studies (DRIs), on Major Projects having regional impacts. Our firm has prepared 8 of these such impact statements:

  • FEC Railroad Yard - Miami International Airport
  • Jetport International Commerce Center- Ft. Myers
  • Tarpon Point Marina - Cape Coral
  • Hancock Creek Commerce Center - Cape Coral
  • Del Prado North Commerce Park - Cape Coral 
  • Indian Oaks Commerce Park- Cape Coral
  • Unit-86 Mobile Home Complex - Cape Coral